YouTube UGC analytics (overview)


The YouTube UGC (user-generated content) Analytics feature in SymphonicMS provides insight into how your entire catalog is being used on YouTube by third parties! It includes embedded UGC videos and important metrics like views and watch time.

YouTube UGC Analytics is only available to clients enrolled in Content ID, which is a YouTube system that scans uploaded content and identifies your music to monetize. For more information about enrolling in Content ID, please click here

YouTube UGC Analytics is separate from:

  • Art Tracks - Art Tracks are automatically generated versions of every track on a release when your content is delivered to YouTube. Art track analytics can be viewed on our streaming page.
  • Symphonic Managed Channels - Content on channels managed by Symphonic are not included in UGC analytics. For more information on our channel management program, please click here.

Navigate to this feature by clicking on Analytics ► YouTube UGC.


The landing page provides a view of performance across your entire catalog on a selectable date range. The page is further broken down into the following sections:


The overview card shows three metrics for your entire catalog for the selected date range:

  • UGC Views - The number of views of UGC videos that use your music. YouTube UGC royalties are based on views.
  • UGC Watch Time - The total watch time of UGC videos that use your music. Longer watch times lead to an increase in royalty rates.
  • New UGC Videos - The number of new UGC videos that were uploaded to YouTube and claimed via Content ID. 

By hovering over each graph, you can see the relevant metric for each day.


Top Artists and Tracks by UGC Views

These two sections show the UGC Views, UGC Watch Time, and New UGC Videos for both artists and tracks. Each section shows the top five entries by UGC Views, but you can see all artists and tracks in your catalog by clicking the View All button in the relevant section.



Top UGC Videos by Views

This section displays the top UGC videos by views for the selected time period, additional details about the video, and relevant metrics, including:

  • The embedded UGC video that can be played directly in SymphonicMS
  • The video name
  • The list of tracks used in the video
  • An open icon to view the video on YouTube
  • The total number of UGC Views for the selected time frame
  • A sparkline of UGC Views showing the trend for the selected timeframe
  • The total UGC Watch Time for the selected time frame
  • A sparkline of UGC Watch Time showing the trend for the selected timeframe


By hovering over the information icon next to the track name, you will see the primary artist for that track:


You can see the relevant metric for a particular day by hovering over the sparkline. 


Click the View All button to see all UGC videos that use your music.

Top Territories by UGC Views

The last section displays the top five territories by UGC Views in the table. The table also provides data on the UGC Watch Time for those territories. To view metrics for all territories, please click the View All button.

The map is color-coded by UGC Views, where the darkest hue indicates the most views. Use the toggle buttons to view the map by UGC Watch Time.

Data regarding New UGC Videos is not available by territory at this point.


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