Playlist Placements (Analytics)

The playlist section provides a breakdown of streams generated through Spotify and Apple Music playlists, as well as corresponding position data for playlist placements across your entire catalog.

Our playlist carousel and detail pages show playlist data across your entire account, individual artists, releases, and tracks.

Navigate to this feature by selecting Analytics► Streams from your SymphonicMS dashboard. This will take you to a view showing performance across your entire catalog on a given date range.


There is a Playlist carousel on the page that shows the top 5 entries sorted by streams in descending order for the selected date range.


Click the 'View All Playlists' button to see additional playlists, if available. This section contains playlist name, curator, partner, and streams. Please note that the streams count includes streams for all track placements on that playlist.


Select any playlist from the carousel on the 'View All Playlist' page to see further details.

The top of the page list details about the playlist, including:

Placements: The total number of track placements from the account on the playlist
Followers: The total number of followers of the playlist
Total Tracks: The total number of tracks on the playlist

These metrics are based on the last time the playlist was updated (e.g., If the playlist was updated on 05/01/2022, all the information inside the box corresponds to the data on that exact date). The latest updated date is listed above the metrics.


Below the date range, there is a list of playlist placements. The placements shown are based on the date range selection. Each playlist placement has the artwork, track name, primary artist, streams graph, and position graph. The stream and position graph helps users visualize how tracks are performing on the playlist over time and the relationship between streams and position. Generally, a higher position on a playlist leads to an increase in streams.
Depending on the playlist type, the layout and playlist information will change. There are four different categories:

  • Editorial
  • Personalized Editorial
  • Algorithmic
  • Third-Party


Playlists that have been curated by Partner staff (e.g., RapCaviar by Spotify).


Personalized Editorial

Personalized Editorial playlists are created by the Spotify editorial team and then personalized based on a listener’s taste. No two playlists are the same. To view a version with your track, visit Spotify for Artists. Click here for more information on personalized editorial playlists. 



Algorithmic playlists are customized for each user based on their listening habits. These also include "Radio" playlists. Click here for more information about the different types of algorithmic playlists.



Playlists are created by users who are not professionally connected to the Partner.


For Algorithmic and Personalized Editorial, the position data is irrelevant because Spotify’s algorithm determines either the entire playlist or the track placement and position on a user-by-user basis. As a result, the position data is not available for these playlist types.

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