TikTok Analytics

The TikTok Analytics feature in the SymphonicMS provides daily activity counts across your entire catalog! There are metrics for video creations, video views, favorites, comments, shares, and likes.

Keep in mind that TikTok pays royalties based on the number of videos created using your music. The other video metrics, such as views, are not factored into royalty amounts.

Navigate to this feature by clicking on Analytics ► TikTok


The landing page provides a view of performance across your entire catalog on a given date range that you can change. The page is broken down into the following sections:

Overview Analytics

Activity counts are displayed for Videos and Views. The video count is the metric that generates royalties. Hovering over any bar will show you the details of a specific day.

When Symphonic delivers your music to TikTok, it will be added to the TikTok music library. TikTok creators can then access that music for use in their videos. That type of use will be classified as "PGC" or professionally generated content.

Sometimes TikTok creators will upload music themselves, rather than pulling it from the TikTok music library. In those cases, TikTok may scan and identify the music used and classify that type of use as "UGC" or user-generated content.

Engagement Analytics

Activity counts are displayed for each time the video using your music receives a Favorite, Comment, Share, and Like during the time period selected across your entire catalog. You can use the selection tabs to view data for each activity type.

Artist, Track, and Territory Analytics

Each section shows the top 5 entries sorted by Videos (created) in descending order (e.g., the Territory section shows the top 5 countries where videos were created on TikTok using your songs). Click the ‘View All’ button to see more data if available.

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