Playlist Placements

The Playlist Placements section in Stream analytics shows which of your artists’ tracks are on Spotify and Apple Music playlists.


Along with the basic information like playlist name and curator, we also show other key data:

First Streamed: The date that the track was first streamed on that specific playlist.
Last Position: The most recent track position on the playlist within the date range you’re viewing (Note: This will be N/A for algorithmic playlists).
Streams: Track streams earned from that particular playlist.


Spotify playlists specifically fall into one of several different categories, depending on how the playlist was created. This is denoted in the curator field for Spotify playlists:

Spotify Curated: Playlists created by Spotify themselves (e.g., Rap Caviar). The curator name will be “Spotify.”
User Curated:  Playlists created by Spotify users (e.g., that playlist you made for your holiday party that one time). The curator name will be the person’s Spotify username.
Algorithmic:  Playlists automatically created for users by Spotify’s system based on their listening preferences (e.g., Discover Weekly, On Repeat, etc.). The curator name will be “Spotify (algorithmic).”


It may take several days for a playlist to show up in Playlist Placements. Additionally, Spotify only provides data for playlists that reach certain listener counts, which means you may not see the playlist at all in your analytics if it did not meet the criteria. However, those streams will always be included in your overall stream count, even if the track does not show up in Playlist Placements. You can also find information for these playlists in Spotify for Artists.

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