Can there be errors?

It has happened before where a partner may make an error in reporting. Likewise, if we don't have a UPC or ISRC on file and we have to go by label name, then your sales can be in an area called "Unmatched Labels" that us as your Distributor need to attend to. People make mistakes and if you suspect errors, we can gladly look into the situation and see what may had occurred. We ask that you be professional and understanding as it is in our best interest to ensure accuracy.

In addition, some partners may not report or pay on time and thus you may have confusion if you suspected particular sales or streams to occur. As an example, iTunes may cut reporting for a quarter 4 days before that quarter ends so if your release came out in September 28th and had a tremendous sales day, they may had cut the reporting on the 26th and thus, that means that these sales would go towards the next report.

Rest assured, 99% of the time, there are no issues but, no distribution company or report administrator or platform is 100% perfect and thus, to show transparency, we want to be clear that if you suspect issues we can look into it but we suspect nothing is wrong or erroneous that you have to accept the result.

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