Unmatched sales

Every single partner reports differently, and some, believe it or not, don't report UPCs or ISRCs in their report. We rely on this to match your data to your existing catalog and, from there, set the allocations and royalty payments. It will still continue to be the case that some sales may be unmatched because you may be a transferring record label or artist, and we never had your catalog created in our database. This is why we encourage you to transfer your catalog!

With that said, the Unmatched tab under your Royalties Summary allows you to view unmatched sales that have been reported but not matched to your catalog. The sales are paid to you and are added to your account balance. 

Check out the video below for more information on unmatched sales.


Why is a sale or stream "unmatched"?

If there is no UPC or ISRC reported from a partner or if a label and/or artists' catalog and its sales and streams have transferred to us (for example, if we're monetizing your content on Soundcloud and YouTube where the videos aren't uploaded through our system), then it means that you have "Unmatched" sales/streams. In this case, we go by the label/account/artist name to match up this revenue. For you, they are viewable via an Unmatched tab.

If you have transferred over to us from another distributor and your account on Beatport, Traxsource, Juno, and/or others has been transferred, great. With that said, if you haven't loaded the same releases with the same ISRC's that you provided to your distributor, then all of your sales may show up under "Unmatched Sales."

We encourage you to create releases and redistribute them using the exact same metadata you received from your previous distributor to prevent this from occurring in the future.

Are unmatched sales paid?

Yes, unmatched sales that appear in that section are paid and listed on your report export regardless of them being matched to your catalog or not. These funds are not withheld or unpaid to you.

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