Royalty Details SplitShare tab

To see detailed royalty breakdowns for splits to artists or other contributors, the SplitShare tab in royalty details now shows:

  • Contributors' earnings based on track royalties and their splits
  • Contributors' earnings that were transferred to their SymphonicMS account via SplitShare
  • The SplitShare enrollment status of the contributors

You can find this under the Royalties menu:

  • Navigate to RoyaltiesRoyalty Summary
  • Click View Details or View Multiple Periods and select a date range
  • Select the SplitShare tab




Once you are on the SplitShare tab, you will see four columns:

  • Artist Name. The name of the artist or other contributor
  • Payee Account #. The Symphonic account number for the contributor, if they are enrolled in SplitShare. If the contributor is not enrolled, then this column will show "Not Enrolled."
    • Some contributors will have a yellow warning icon next to the payee account number. This icon indicates that the contributor was only enrolled for part of the selected time period.
  • Artist Earnings. The contributor's earnings based on the entered splits and relevant track royalties for the selected time period. Splits must be set to calculate artist earnings.
    • If the SplitShare tab is empty, no splits were set for the selected time period.
  • Recouped Earnings. Any earnings that were recouped for that contributor.
  • Transferred via SplitShare. The earnings that were transferred to the contributor's Symphonic account.
    • The contributor must be enrolled in SplitShare for earnings to be transferred. Otherwise, the earnings will remain with your account.
    • If a contributor is enrolled in SplitShare, then the Transferred via SplitShare will be equal to Artist Earnings minus Recouped. Otherwise, the Transferred via SplitShare will be equal to zero.


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