About the SymphonicMS

The SymphonicMS stands for Symphonic Management System. Our proprietary technology has been created to help us better serve you.

Some of the tools you will find include:

  • TransferTrack
  • Daily sales and analytics (Apple Music, Spotify, Beatport, & more!)
  • Revenue summaries by partner, artist, and release
  • Artist splits and reporting
  • Free updates and takedowns to partners
  • Protect your music from illegal file-sharing sites
  • Register music on Luminate
  • Indicate pricing tiers for your releases

Every client of Symphonic Distribution receives a login so that you can prepare your releases, view royalties, and get additional tools and resources to help maximize your experience with us.

Our system is continually being enhanced, and we're open to any feedback that you may have for us, so feel free to reach out via our help center at any time. Once set up with your account, be sure to update your payment information. 

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