Editing existing recoupments

You may edit existing recoupments by:

  • Adding Releases
  • Editing Participants
  • Adding Expenses

Adding Releases

To recoup royalties from an additional release for an existing recoupment, navigate to the recoupment hub page. Once you are on the recoupment hub page, click the + Add Releases button.


This will open the Add Releases drawer. 


Releases can be added in the same manner as when you added releases to begin a recoupment. 

Once you added a release, it will appear in the Recouping from card on the recoupment hub page with a status of Pending as royalties have not yet begun recouping. Royalties will start recouping during the next royalty period


The added releases will have a status of Recouping after the next royalty period opens. 

Remove Releases

If you wish to no longer recoup royalties from a release added to a recoupment, you have the option to delete it. To delete a release from a recoupment, navigate to the hub page.  There will be a trash can icon in the action column in the Recouping from card. You will be prompted to confirm your choice. 


Click Yes, Remove to remove the release from the recoupment. The release will no longer appear in the table on the recoupment hub. For the next royalty period, royalties will begin to flow to participants enrolled in SplitShare and will not count toward recoupment. 

Edit Participants

You can edit which participants’ shares on selected releases should pay off the recoupment expenses at any time. Changes to participants will go into effect next royalty period.

To update participants, click the Edit Participant button on the Recouping from card.


This will open a drawer of all participants with a split on selected releases.

Select whether or not a participant should pay back the expense:

  • Yes - The participant’s share will pay back the recoupment expenses. For shared expenses, you can select "Yes" for the account that set up the recoupment.
  • No - The participant’s shares will be paid out as normal.


Click Save to finalize your selections. The Recouping from card will update to show the updated participants' selections.


Adding Expenses

If you wish to add a recoupable expense to an existing recoupment, navigate to the relevant recoupment hub page. Once you are on the hub page, click the Edit Expenses button on the Expenses card. 

This will open a pop-up showing existing expenses. To add a new expense, click the New Expense button. This will open a new expense row.

Enter an expense name and expense amount and click Save. 

The new expense will appear in the Expenses card and will be factored into the recoupment progress

Added expenses may be deleted or have their amount edited using the Edit Expense button until the royalty period closes. At that point, the expense will be locked. Locked expenses are identified by the lock icon and the gray background. 

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