Best practices for marketing your release(s)

Please note: Marketing and playlist pitching to DSPs via Symphonic is available for clients on Partner or custom percentage plans. This service is not available for Starter plans. 


Have a clear idea of when you will have your mastered audio and track or album art in hand before selecting a release date. Oftentimes things come up in the production process, so you’ll want to give yourself ample time to set up your release. We highly recommend staying on cycle and releasing only on Fridays. This will increase the likelihood of playlist placement. 

While we recommend staying on cycle and releasing on Fridays, we understand that you may have a strong, marketing-driven reason to release off-cycle (premiere partner, event anniversary, promised social support, etc.). Weigh the value of the driver and consider if it is likely to increase your chances of placement.

The required lead time is no less than 4 weeks before your release date; 6 weeks is ideal for delivery of release and marketing drivers. This timeframe gives your distributor time to ingest and approve releases, DSPs time to receive them, and playlist editors time to receive pitches and marinate with a release before deciding whether or not to feature or place it on playlists.




This is a suggested timeline with loose action items to help maximize your release.

6 weeks before the release date

  • Submit the release in the SymphonicMS.
  • If your deal with us includes Marketing, you can submit for "DSP Features & Playlist Pitching" via the SymphonicMS under the Marketing sub-menu. Marketing offerings are available for clients where pricing is % based.
  • Secure a venue for a listening event or release show and promote.

4 weeks before the release date

  • Re-skin all digital surfaces to match the imagery and title of your release. (including sharing the pre-save/pre-sale link in bios, posts, and CRM.)
  • Pitch your release on Spotify For Artists platform to promote algorithmic playlist potential

3 weeks before the release date

  • Secure media partner to premiere release
  • Enlist influencers, friends, family, fans, and colleagues to share.
  • Update the marketing drivers form with any new ‘spotlights’ that you have lined up

2 weeks before the release date

Week of release

  • Premiere the release on your media partner’s site or radio station, Youtube channel, etc.
  • Throw your listening party/release show. 

Release date

  • Share across ALL socials + CRM - don’t be shy about CTA fans to stream/download.
  • Share any DSP pickup and other support. Be sure to tag and thank anyone who has supported/featured the release.
  • Repost fan shares.


  • Repeat everything from the release date.
  • Run CTA/UGC campaigns with an incentive for fans.

Marketing Drivers

The most essential tool in helping Symphonic pitch your release to our DSP partners is through marketing drivers. If your deal with us includes Marketing, you can submit for "DSP Features & Playlist Pitching" via the SymphonicMS under the Marketing sub-menu. Marketing offerings are available for clients where pricing is % based.


Without these unique details, it’s almost impossible for our team to help your release stand out from the crowd. The more details that you can provide, the better chance you’ve got at getting noticed and featured. We’ve listed out a few examples of attractive spotlights below:

  • Music videos
  • Social media follower and engagement
  • Third-party Spotify playlists
  • Previous DSP playlist placement and features
  • Advertising to be run for this release
  • Premieres on media outlets and general press pick-ups
  • Radio campaigns or plays from direct DJ relationships and other DJ support
  • Tour dates and other POI – “shared stages with,” notable festival appearances, etc.
  • Charting, ie. Hype Machine, iTunes, Billboard, etc.
  • Brand and media partnerships
  • Other marketing campaigns – wildposting, print, etc.
  • Pre-save and pre-sale campaign data (iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, etc.)
  • Sync and other licensing information
  • Other artist development POIs – management, booking agent, TV/film appearances, etc.

If you have updates, you're welcome to send these to us by selecting "Update" on the marketing driver pitching form.

It is essential that you and your team promote the release.

Campaign Inspiration

Here are some suggestions for promoting your release. Dive in and think about which ideas make the most sense for your release. Get creative and customize them to your brand and your audience.

  • Pre-save/Pre-sale campaign
  • Countdown to release on socials
  • CTA to fans on socials - directly asking them to pre-save, download, view, etc.
  • Offer incentives to fans - Instant gratification, merch packs, exclusive tracks, autographed items, VIP meet and greets
  • Invite other artists, friends, influencers to share the release on their socials and do the same for them
  • Create artist playlists on Spotify, etc.
  • Place the new releases atop these playlists to alert your followers
  • Partner with other distributors -  Noisetrade, VNYL, etc.
  • CRM - collect emails and send out newsletters via Mailchimp, inviting fans to pre-save, download, and view.
  • Be sure all DSP and social profiles are up-to-date, verified where possible, and consistent.
  • Update all tour dates and enable direct messaging on Bandsintown
  • Set up targeted digital advertising campaigns on social platforms and/or boost posts that include the pre-save/stream link
  • Consider expanding digital real estate - join and utilize TikTok, Triller, Snapchat, etc.

What to Expect

You may fill out a marketing drivers form and not receive feedback. This does not mean we haven't received or reviewed your submission. We receive several playlisting submission requests daily and may not be able to provide updates to all submissions. If we land any pitches for you, we will communicate so you can share the word!

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