Marketing Drivers

Clients using our Partner plans can submit marketing drivers directly within the SymphonicMS, streamlining playlist placements for your releases!  

Please note: The SymphonicMS marketing drivers form is currently only available in English, and marketing drivers are not available for clients on our Starter plan. 

Once you create and submit a release, you will see a button to submit marketing drivers. Click Submit Marketing Drivers to begin the submission.


Marketing Driver Requirements


Focus Track

If your release has more than one track (e.g., an EP or album), the first step is to select a focus track. This will help our client marketing team determine which track to pitch to our partners. The focus track is often the most important track on your release that you would like Symphonic to emphasize to partners. 


Driver submission timeframe

Be sure to submit your drivers at least four weeks before your release. You will see a yellow warning banner if your release date is less than four weeks away. There may not be sufficient time to pitch your music. If you wish to be included in playlist pitching, you're welcome to edit your release date to four to six weeks in advance. 



Completing your Artist Profile

After selecting a focus track, you will see all artists included on the track and an indicator if their artist profile is complete. At least one artist must have a completed profile to continue. If no artists have a complete profile, you will see the following warning message:


Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 2.56.58 PM.png


Click Complete Profile to head to your artist roster to fill out the required information. You can also find your artist under Distribute ►Artists. This information is only required once and will be available for all future marketing driver submissions, but we do encourage you to fill this out fully with as much detail as possible. For a complete walkthrough of marketing readiness on your artist profile, click here

After completing all required fields, save the artist. You will be prompted to return to any eligible marketing drivers via the pop-up form.

Filling out the marketing driver details

Once you pass the initial requirements, the form has three sections. All required questions are marked with a red asterisk.

Release & Focus Track

Enter additional details about the release's story and focus track, including whether the release is part of a larger release schedule (e.g., waterfall release strategy) and the focus track mood and styles. 

Marketing Details

These details help us craft the best possible pitch for your music! You can add information about any of your planned marketing efforts by clicking the toggle and entering more details. The more information you can provide, the better! 

Artist Section

This section is for your reference only. You can expand this section to see details about the artists that will be part of the pitch. These details are pulled from your artist roster in the SymphonicMS under Distribute ►Artists.



Click Record Submission once you’ve completed all required fields. You’ll see a success banner with an option to return home to a list of all completed marketing drivers forms. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to update your marketing drivers as new compelling information arises.  


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