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Below we've consolidated a list of our most common questions concerning Vevo. 

What does Vevo do?

Vevo is the world's leading music video network, connecting an ever-growing global audience to high quality music video content for more than a decade. Vevo offers fans worldwide a vast array of premium content to choose from, showcasing official music videos alongside a constantly developing lineup of live performances and innovative original programming. From top superstars to rising new talents, Vevo brings incomparable cross-promotional support to artists across the musical spectrum, at every stage of their careers. In addition to YouTube, Vevo also distributes its extensive library of music videos to a number of other distribution partners including Apple TV, Pluto TV, Samsung TV and Roku. See a full list of Vevo's partners HERE.

Can you deliver to an existing Vevo channel?

Yes, Vevo manages their channels and the distributor manages the videos they deliver to those Vevo channels. Therefore, any distributor who has partnered with Vevo can create a new channel OR deliver a new video to an existing channel.

If you don’t have an existing Vevo channel, we can create one for you. In the video application, you can specify which new channel name you would like created or what your current channel is named (ie ArtistNameVEVO). For new Vevo artist channels, we will need:

  • A PR photo of the artist – must be high quality of at least 2,400 x 2,400 pixels at 72dpi.
  • A Banner Image – The template can be downloaded here. Please be aware of the “text and logo safe area” in the middle.

Please keep in mind that all Vevo channels must be created per artist, and must be an artist name. Vevo does NOT allow labels to have a Vevo channel created.

Vevo creates new channels in bulk on every Monday, and channels are fully created by Wednesday. Any new channel request made after that Monday will go into the queue for the following Monday batch.

For this reason, we require you to submit your video distribution request at least three weeks before your go-live date. This will ensure your channel and video are complete by your release date.

Can I control my Vevo YouTube Channel?

No, a Vevo branded YouTube channel is not like a regular YouTube channel in that it is managed by Vevo, and they do not give access to a third party. Therefore, artists will NOT receive a login to their Vevo channel. We can make changes and updates to your video and channel info on your behalf as an approved distributor to Vevo. We can make changes to items like:

  • Artist Image
  • Channel Banner
  • Channel About Section
  • Channel Trailer
  • Video Description
  • Video Title
  • Video Thumbnails
  • Video Cards
  • Channel/Video Keywords

All of these can be requested by sending an email to

***Please note you must have distributed a video with Symphonic in order for us to make any updates to your Vevo channel.***

Vevo Royalties

Vevo is usually a couple months behind our monthly schedule of report postings. If we post July sales for everyone else then for Vevo, we will likely be in the period of May. Not every partner reports monthly and/or at the same time thus if you released a video in May, it may not show up until July or even August (and/or later). Monthly reporting and schedule available HERE.

Vevo monetizes video plays, and then YouTube monetizes the audio used in your video via Content ID - if you have that enabled for your audio tracks. More information on YouTube Content ID HERE.

Every streaming provider pays differently, and with different rates. We have deals with all of the major streaming providers in the world and there isn't one defined pay per play amount because the structure for each is different.

We are not privy to the information on how much Vevo pays per stream or how they calculate their royalties. For example, they could pay differently based on how much advertiser revenue is being paid into Vevo and whatever interaction the user has with that ad while your content is playing. So there is no defined pay rate that we can specify.

Vevo also needs to verify actual plays, meaning the video has to be watched for more than roughly 50% of its length. Also, YouTube doesn’t allow anything that artificially increases the number of views, likes, comments, or other metrics either by using automatic systems or serving up videos to unsuspecting viewers. Therefore, purchasing likes, comments, views and subscribers is a violation of this policy and content that does not follow this policy may be removed from YouTube.

YouTube Official Artist Channels

If you do not have an Official Artist Channel, your label or distributor can request an Official Artist Channel (OAC) for you. An OAC merges your personal channel, Vevo channel, and Topic Channel (YouTube Music) into one cohesive Official Artist Channel. Once this merge is complete, your channel will be marked as an OAC with a music note icon next to the channel name.

New OAC requests must be made directly to YouTube via the artist’s label or distributor. Also, if you have an existing Official Artist Channel, we can have your Vevo channel linked to it as well as your video distributor.

You can read more about Official Artist Channels with Symphonic HERE. You can also read additional information about Official Artist Channels on YouTube's Support page.

YouTube Premieres

With Vevo, you can now set up a YouTube premiere for your video. With this, a watch page will appear for a predetermined amount of time before a video goes live. This shows a countdown to the time the video goes live.

Premieres also include a chat feature which allows fans to chat about the upcoming release and gives the artist the opportunity to enter the chat and interact with their fans directly. (Note: This is only available to artists with Official Artist Channels OR artists/channels with 100k+ subscribers.)

If you would like to set up a YouTube premiere for your Vevo release, please email the team at immediately after submitting your video for distribution so they can get it set up for you.

Unlisted links

Vevo can share unlisted YouTube links, which means video can be viewed by people who have been given the video link. It will not appear in public places, such as search results, your channel, or subscriber feeds. However, YouTube unlisted videos will appear publicly if shared in playlists or embedded on a website.

Typically, an artist would need an unlisted link for their Vevo video if they are A) Premiering the video elsewhere and that company needs an unlisted link or B) They want to pitch the video for a premiere and these companies need a link to review the video ahead of the release. Once the video is switched from unlisted to public, the release date on the video will update to the date it is made public.

If you would like an unlisted link for your upcoming Vevo video, please email the team at immediately after submitting your video for distribution so they can get it set up for you.

Vevo Cards

YouTube cards are a way to promote videos, playlists, and merchandise. Cards are a YouTube specific tool which will appear in the upper right corner of a video until expanded by the user, and appear in both desktop and mobile. We can add up to three cards per video, and there are three types of options for Cards:

  • Link to a video on a Vevo channel
  • Link to a playlist on a Vevo channel
  • Link to a Merch website. 

Please email the team at if you would like Cards added to your Vevo video(s) distributed by Symphonic.

Getting your Vevo channel ‘verified’

Becoming verified on Vevo is a more difficult process and something Symphonic cannot do for you. Per YouTube’s guidelines, your Vevo branded YouTube channel must have at least 100,000 subscribers to able to request a verification badge. More info about this can be read on YouTube’s help center.

Can I run ads on my Vevo video and channel?

Yes, please send us your Google Adwords Account ID after you have submitted your video for distribution so we can have it applied to your Vevo channel. Users will be enabled for re-marketing only on Vevo videos and channels.

Transferring from another distributor

Since the channels themselves are managed by VEVO and not the distributor, you may have multiple distributors upload music videos to the same channel. The distributor only manages/owns the video they uploaded for you. If you would like to transfer ownership of your existing music videos to Symphonic ownership, just send us a request with the Video ISRC(s) and YouTube URL(s) via email to

Updating Handles for Vevo Channels

You must be a video distribution client of Symphonic to request a handle update for your Vevo channel. More information on YouTube Handles HERE.

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