Monthly Reporting and Payment Schedule

Below is the proposed schedule for monthly reporting and payments so that you are aware when reports are posted and can be claimed. Reports may often arrive late from partners and as such are added on to the next reporting period.

You can expect a report to be live on the last day of a calendar month to cover a month that passed 2 months prior. The reasoning for this is that it may take up to 60 days for Symphonic to receive payment and/or even statements and thus we need a month in between to ensure payment has been collected prior to paying out to you.

We've also included ESTIMATED POSTING DATES for your convenience.

Reporting Period - This is the time during which the report will cover, the January report will show all royalties earned during the month of January for example.

Estimated Payment Date - This is the estimated date Symphonic will provide the results for the reported period and when royalties will be added to your account balance. For example, the January report will be provided between the dates of March 31, and April 2. Please keep in mind these dates may change to be sooner or later based on factors in partner reporting.

Reporting Period

Estimated Payment Date

January Report

Mar 31 - Apr 2

February Report

Apr 30 - May 2

March Report

May 31 - Jun 2

April Report

Jun 30 - Jul 2

May Report

Jul 30 - Aug 2

June Report

Aug 30 - Sept 2

July Report

Sept 30 - Oct 2

August Report

Oct 31 - Nov 2

September Report

Nov 30 - Dec 2

October Report

Dec 30 - Jan 2

November Report

Jan 31 - Feb 2

December Report

Feb 28 - Mar 2


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