Requesting Payment

To request the payment, log in to your SymphonicMS account and navigate to Royalties ► Request Payment. From here, you can edit your payment details and select from a variety of payment options.

Please ensure you have your payment and tax details entered. Otherwise, you will not be able to request your payment. You must be over the minimum threshold on your account as per your deal terms.

For information regarding your payment details and how to update them, click here.


What should you know before requesting payment?

  • Ensure your payment & tax details are up-to-date before requesting. Incorrect information will delay your payment.
  • Please allow 3 - 5 business days to receive your payment after requesting.
  • Payment fees will be deducted directly from your sent money and may not be reflected in our system (For Example - Requesting a $100 payment with a $3 fee shows as $100 in our system, but you will receive $97).
  • Payment requests open the first week of every month and close around the last week. Once requests for a month are closed, you will need to wait until they open again the following month.
  • Our royalties posting schedule has more information on our reporting and payment schedules.
  • Unrequested payments, and amounts that didn’t reach the threshold, will carry over into the next period as an opening balance.
  • International clients may have additional tax regulations that affect their payments.

I requested my payment but haven't gotten it!

It can take up to 3-5 business days for you to receive your payment after request. We did receive your payment request, are processing it, and it will be sent accordingly after it passes all queues. We pay on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Further, if you requested payment and haven't received it for more than 5 days, please feel free to create a request to identify the issue immediately.

What do you do when you've requested payment?

When you've requested payment, that means that you are over the royalty threshold, meaning that you've made the minimum amount possible to be able to request your payment. Once your request is done, an invoice is generated for our records.

We do a thorough review to ensure that we have the proper tax information on file, and if we believe that we do, we issue your payment. This is why at times, there may be a delay with your payment. The portion of requesting through the system is very automatic; however, there is still a human element towards sending the payments out.

Further, our business hours are Monday through Friday from 9 AM EST to 6 PM EST. Payment requests are not acknowledged until a normal workday.

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