Video Distribution Takedowns

To have your music video taken down from some (or all) DSPs, please fill out this form completely HERE.



  • Please ensure that the email address you provide matches the one linked to your video release so we can verify ownership.
  • Once we process your request, partners can take anywhere between 1-2 weeks for the takedown to be complete.
  • All partners will permanently remove any reviews and comments related to the UPC and partner playlists that included this release.


  • If we receive a takedown request from a partner due to copyright infringement, we will place a $20 deduction on your account. A deduction will show on your Royalty Summary under Adjustments. We take copyright matters seriously, and we have a zero-tolerance policy that will result in your account being charged, potentially foregoing your royalties, and account termination.
  • Separate legal fees may be imposed upon you should they be imposed on us.
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