Audio file specifications

Symphonic accepts 44.1-192 kHz / 16-bit or 24-bit stereo audio files in WAV, FLAC, AIFF (.aiff/.aif).

When providing 24-bit audio we suggest you dither these files as Symphonic does not dither the 16-bit encodes we generate from your 24-bit files. Check out how high resolution audio files are represented on DSPs.

If you're trying to submit a bit rate outside of what our system accepts, the system will notify you that this is not accepted. If you need an audio encoder, click here.

Please remove all embedded metadata from the audio files before submitting the release. Having metadata embedded in the file can cause issues with the upload. Partners do not process the metadata through the file; this is why you provide metadata to Symphonic during the release creation process.

For LUFS, we recommend using between -12 to -14 LUFS TP 1 with our system. Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube have their own loudness/compression algorithms. -14 LUFS TP-1 is ideal for Spotify and YouTube, Tidal uses around -14, and Apple Music uses around -16.

Encoding Errors


When uploading audio, if you encounter this error, then you will need to re-export the audio from your DAW or re-encode it using a DAW or some other audio-encoding software like Audacity, XLD (Mac), or dBpoweramp (Windows).

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