Track & Album Pricing

Control of Pricing

It is important to understand what you can and cannot change when it comes to the pricing of your release. All of the options you can select are suggestions for pricing, not the final price. The price may change automatically based on the region, total length of the release, number of tracks, which DSP is hosting the release, and even time since release (older releases can drop in pricing if you pick "front/mid" for example).

Release pricing can only be adjusted on Google, and iTunes. Not every retail partner allows for price changes. Further, streaming providers (like Spotify, Pandora, etc.) do not accept any pricing information. If there is a major error such as a single track showing up for $10 then we can reach out to the digital service provider in question and they can adjust back to their set price structure but thats about it. 

When creating a release you can suggest a pricing tier for the partner's platform:

Unfortunately, not every partner allows for custom pricing. Every partner has their own set pricing to their customers and thus dictate what the pricing should be.

Issues: If your pricing is wildly overpriced or under priced such as $30 for a single, please create a ticket in our help desk so that we can look into correcting the issue.

Note: We will send your specified prices to the partners that accept them, but they have the option of overriding this & setting their own price.

Tip: Partners such as iTunes may set a higher price for singles that are longer than 10 minutes in length.

Pricing Tiers for Tracks & Albums
What you set for the pricing tier will let the DSP know what you want the price to be. There are three main tiers and some sub-tiers. We recommend you price your releases around the main tiers. The main tiers are Front, Mid, and Back. You can change the pricing tier for both the track and the album as a whole. The album pricing cannot exceed the total price of the combined tracks. Keep in mind the album pricing is highly affected by the total number and length of the tracks, your final pricing will vary.
 This is only applicable to some digital service providers as other may regulate prices to a set standard structure.

    •    Front
    ◦    Tracks will be around $0.99-$1.29
    ◦    Albums will be around $11.99-$12.99

    •    Mid
    ◦    Tracks will be around $0.99
    ◦    Albums will be around $9.99-$10.99

    •    Back
    ◦    Tracks will be around $0.69
    ◦    Albums will be around $7.99-$8.99

***The album pricing cannot exceed the total price of the combined tracks.

Note - Selecting "Album Only" will prevent that track from being purchased individually, consumers must buy the entire album to receive that track.

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