"Various Artists" Designations

Use of "Various Artists"

If there are five or more primary artists on the album, the primary album-level artist should be Various Artists for non single releases (featuring artists do not count toward these artists).



  • Do not list more than four primary artists in the Release Details for non single releases.
  • Do not use Various Artists for one-track singles.
  • Do not use Various Artists if there is less than five artists on an album.
  • Various Artists should not be used for ringtones.

"Various Artists" at track level

Various Artists must not be a track-level artist.

Incorrect presentation of "Various Artists"

Variations or abbreviations of "Various Artists" (for example, "V/A," "V.A.," "Various," "Various Artist," or "Varios") must not be used as an artist name for English-language content.

Translated versions of "Various Artists" are acceptable as long as they are consistent with the content’s language.

"Various Artists" designations on Spotify and Apple

Spotify and Apple vary when it comes to "Various Artists" designations.

Spotify: if there are four or more primary artists on your release, they will automatically change the release to "Various Artists" upon Delivery.

Apple: If there are five or more primary artists on your release, the release details should be set to Various Artists.

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