Cover Songs

Symphonic can distribute your cover songs but there are some key things you must be aware about before proceeding to distribute.

First, a cover song must be a completely original song and cannot contain samples or anything from the original work. So while we accept cover songs, we don't accept songs with samples unless you've given us the necessary paperwork to distribute a song that contains samples. (If you want to legally license samples, you can do so here:

While the Music Modernization Act confirms that you don't need a license for a cover song for distributing to streaming providers (and only streaming providers), we do recommend you get a license as it is a requirement that if you plan on having your music distributed to download stores, that you get this and then also send it to us for filing. Download stores are still active and if you want your material on iTunes and Amazon's download stores then you must have a license.

There are services out there that make this process easy for you.
One service for example is our partnership with Easy Song Licensing.

As per our agreement, each and every label is responsible for ensuring that the content they distribute is legally cleared to be distributed.

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