How to request payment

We send payment via Check, Pay Pal, Wire Transfer, and Electronic Transfer (via Zelle). You will be charged fees depending on your location and what you choose to receive your payment in.

To request the payment, log in to your SymphonicMS account and navigate to Royalties ► Request Payment


From here you can edit your payment details and request payment for one or all of the labels on your account.

Payment Options

We can deliver payment in a number of ways, however, some payment options have fees associated, so it's important to make sure you choose the best payment option when you request payment.

Check: We do not charge any fees for checks delivered to the USA. Checks are only to be written for USA based clients.

Bank Transfer (or Wire Transfer): We deduct $20 for bank transfer fees, which is deducted from the payment that we are sending when you request your payment. 

Electronic Transfer (via Zelle): If your banking website or app has Zelle, you can select this option to receive payment. Zelle has a daily limit of $5,000. If many clients request using this option, there may be a delay due to this limit. 

Pay Pal: Fees will apply for US and non-US based clients. 

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