Track / Release Title Formatting

  1. Each track title in a product must be unique, the exception is different versions of the same track, such as Clean/Explicit.

  2. If there are more than one as it is a Volume or a Part It will need to be stylized as "Release Title, Vol. 1" or "Release Title, Pt. 1"
  3. The standard, original version of a track must not include any additional information in the track title. For example, titles must not include: Original Mix, Album Version, Original Version, etc.

  4. One-Track Products. One-track products must have matching album and track titles, including any parentheses or brackets. The only exception is the addition of “- Single” in the album title. Additionally, all artist information for one-track products must be consistent across the album and track levels.

  5. Version designations such as Live, Instrumental, Radio Edit, etc should not be in the track title. These designations go in the Mix Version Field but must not list featured or collaborating artists. Remix artists are ok as they are part of the mix version differentiation. 
  6. Generic Titles. Do not use generic titles, such as Track 1, Track 2, or Instrumental, unless they are the actual titles of the tracks or ringtones.

  7. Titles must not contain terms like “Exclusive” or “Limited Edition,” because the titles are a permanent part of the content. The “Exclusive” or “Limited Edition” claim may only apply for a limited time.

  8. If a track has been rerecorded the track version must be listed as “Rerecorded”.

  9. Titles must not include explanatory terms that refer to the digital or physical format of the content. For example, titles must not include:

  10. The standard, original version of a track must not include any additional information in the track title or version field. For example, track title/version must not include: Album Version, Original Version or Original Mix.

  11. If a non-classical track is recorded live, it must have Live (with or without specific time and venue) as the first track version.

  12. Where applicable, remaster should be entered as the last track version, and always use the format Year Remaster, e.g. 2008 Remaster. Do not use Digital Remaster, Digitally Remastered, etc.

  13. Version titles must be entered without formatting, e.g. 2011 Remaster, instead of (2011 Remaster). To enter multiple version titles, put each version title in a separate field, instead of listing multiple versions in one field.

  14. Additional information, such as product title, translation, or other information, must not be included in the version title, unless that information is needed to identify the content.

  15. SEO terms such as Sleep Music, Music for Concentration, Chill, Chillout, etc., must not be used as track titles or track versions. Products with track titles that appear to be intended to mislead or confuse users may be removed from Spotify. Violation of this rule could result in a strike or block in accordance to the Spotify Content Infringement Guideline.

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