TikTok streaming royalties

Does TikTok pay royalties to artists?

Absolutely. Most distributors have deals in place with TikTok to make sure you get paid for your work. That includes us.

How does it work?

While most DSPs pay creators based on the number of streams or views, TikTok has a very different model. TikTok pays royalties based on the number of videos created using your music (the video views do not matter when calculating TikTok royalties).

We will collect your royalties on your behalf, then pay them right to you.

How much is a video worth? It depends...videos on TikTok can be 15 or 50 seconds, which affects the royalties paid. Additionally, each distributor has its own deal with TikTok that determines how much of the revenue will be paid to their artists for each use in the app.

Why is it okay that I am only getting paid for creations?

TikTok is one of the most powerful platforms in the world when it comes to social media and engagement. Not having your music on TikTok means you are seriously limiting your ability to grow and be discovered on platforms such as Spotify. We highly recommend you understand that while videos aren't compensated, TikTok creations are vital and will translate to Spotify streams. Check out this video done by Vox for more info.

When can I expect royalties?

You can expect these TikTok payments on a monthly basis in line with our monthly schedule

Can you still receive royalties if you upload your songs directly to TikTok?

No. To collect royalties, the video must use the TikTok snippet of your song that was delivered to the app by your distributor.

To learn more about TikTok, download our free TikTok guide.


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