YouTube Whitelisting

Whitelisting on YouTube means that a video will not be claimed by YouTube Content ID. 

If your profile has been whitelisted but your videos remain claimed, please reach out to us via the help desk so that we can release the claim for you.

In some cases, content owners have established relationships with certain uploaders and need to protect them from automated Content ID claims. Content ID whitelisting allows for this.

If you have an agreement with a content uploader ahead of time and have cleared them to use your content, you can Whitelist them so that claims will not appear on their uploads. This is particularly important for licensed content.

  • For example, if you are a music label and you have licensed your music to a car company’s channel that regularly uses your music in their videos, you will want to whitelist the channel to avoid claiming their content.

How do I whitelist my channel?
If you're ready to whitelist a channel, please submit the following form. 

Symphonic will review each whitelisting request individually. If we believe that whitelisting a channel will negatively impact our users, the request may be denied.

From time to time, Symphonic will review whitelisted channels and may remove them thus, any claim currently whitelisted may show up on their channel. We encourage dialogue with the whitelisted channel to resolve differences amicably.

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