YouTube Content ID Earnings & Percentage

How YouTube generates earnings

YouTube pays by ads and subscribers to its YouTube Music subscription service.

If your music is included in YouTube Music and/or their Content ID service, you can potentially earn revenue. You would need an account with us to send your music to the Content ID system, manage your channel, or send your tracks to the YouTube Music platform. From there, royalties are generated by ads on the videos if someone:

  • Clicks the text or banner ad
  • Watches the entire commercial, or at least 30 seconds of the commercial (if it’s longer than 30 seconds).

For YouTube Content ID, if anyone uses your song, then a claim will occur on that video. That claim will result in that video having ads and subsequently becoming monetized. 


What is the percentage for this service?

Symphonic retains 30% of royalties from YouTube Content ID. Royalties will be posted every month on your account according to the monthly reporting schedule.

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