Video Distribution Monetization (Royalties Payments)

Video Distribution clients have their videos monetized on VEVO, iTunes, Tidal and Amazon. Any other channels that provide ad based streams and/or royalties are accounted. Clients collect 70% of the royalties for video distribution.

We pay out monthly (schedule here) for partners that have reported and paid us royalties. If you surpass the threshold of revenue earned for your videos, then you can claim and receive revenue. If not, it rolls over until you do. The process starts over to the following reporting period.

If you did not already have a Symphonic Music Distribution account an account will be created for you where you can login to check royalties and request payment. The standard Video Distribution account has a threshold of $50.

VEVO is about 2-3 months behind our monthly schedule of report postings. Not every partner reports monthly and/or at the same time thus, if you released a video in May, it may not show up up until the August posting that covers June. New sales will appear in your balance when they are reported.

Also, effective as of February 20, 2018, YouTube will not enable monetization on any channel, including VEVO branded channels, until such time as the channel has achieved a minimum of (a) 4,000 watch hours over the past 12-month period, and (b) 1,000 subscribers. Further details can be found in YouTube’s blog posting.

Viewing Music Videos in the Symphonic MS

We are currently in the process of integrating video distribution with our digital distribution platform. They currently are two separate services so music videos may be difficult to find in our system.

Your music video will not be viewable in your account at until it has garnered some royalties. Symphonic Distribution pays clients on a monthly basis according to this schedule.

Once your video has a royalty report, it will be listed in your account on SymphonicMS under Royalties - Unmatched sales. Unmatched sales are not royalties that have not been paid to you and/or have yet to be unclaimed or anything of that sort. It's simply royalties not matched to anything in your music catalogue. You can choose to create a new record so if that royalty ever comes up again in the future, it finds a match to where you don't have to do the process over and over. Videos will show as unmatched sales like seen below:


You can read more about Unmatched sales here.

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