Music Industry Terms


A release is an album or single containing predetermined songs and artwork to be distributed to retailers. A release can consist of one song and as many as 20+ songs.


A DSP or a Digital Service Provider is a term used to describe a retail store (such as iTunes) as well as a streaming provider (Spotify). We refer to this term to encompass both types of companies but may at times use the term retailer, partner, and/or streaming provider to describe a type of partner we're speaking about. We also thought this was an interesting read to further highlight the "DSP" topic.


A territory is a particular geographical area in which your music is licensed.

Per default, Symphonic Distribution licenses your music for purchase to the territory “world,” which includes all territories.

However, if your music is already licensed in certain regions around the world, you have the option of excluding these territories. This means that your music will not be available for purchase in those excluded territories.


A genre is a way of categorizing music into different types, each of which shares a common sound or heritage. Through our Content Portal, each label has the choice of selecting a genre at the release and song level.


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