Symphonic Starter FAQ

Who does Symphonic distribute to?

We distribute to hundreds of different outlets and digital service providers. To check out our list of current partners, click here. We are always adding new distribution partners to our network.


How much does Starter cost?

Only $19.99 a year to upload unlimited music! No additional fees per release. You also get more than what other distributors are offering, such as the ability to have a custom C and P line, choose the partners to deliver to, TikTok Analytics, free SplitShare of royalties to collaborators, and more.


How much money will Symphonic keep?

You will keep 100% of the royalties from distributing your music to DSPs. Like most of the industry, there are some percentage fees for User Generated Content (UGC) revenue collection, such as YouTube.

I am unable to sign up for Starter (payment not accepted). Why?

Unfortunately, Starter is not available in Brazil.

Symphonic additionally does not operate or accept new clients from Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, China, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Libya, Montenegro, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Taiwan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Vietnam, and Yemen. If anything changes we will update this list.

Why is Starter better than DistroKid and other distributors?

Symphonic Starter gives you more than DistroKid and other distributors. You receive advanced technology that shows stream performance, TikTok analytics, YouTube videos created using your content, playlist placements, and we let you split royalties to collaborators for free. Simply put, we give you more features than competitors who will upcharge you. You also get distributed to one of the largest DSP networks in the world, allowing you to attract more listeners and earn more money.


How many artists and releases can I have on one account?

Under 'Starter,' the plan is for one primary artist for $19.99 annually. You can have free featuring or remixer artists on your releases.


How is this different from 'Partner'?

This plan is a DIY (do it yourself) plan that allows you to start your journey in the music industry and Symphonic. It is fee-based ($19.99 per year for a primary artist and unlimited releases). Our "Partner" plan is by application only, including personalized support, as well as marketing to DSPs. We charge a percentage for that level of support, and you can have unlimited artists.


Will I be locked into a long-term, exclusive deal?

Through 'Starter,' you will have a non-exclusive deal where you are still allowed to work with other distributors in addition to us. You own your music, keep your rights; we're only the platform that helps you get your music out there and gives you advanced technology to help elevate your career.


What other services does Symphonic offer?

Symphonic provides various services, including Video Distribution, YouTube and SoundCloud Monetization, Publishing Administration, and Sync Licensing. Signing up is only the beginning!


When will I get paid?

Symphonic issues payments monthly. You may review our payment schedule here. To collect payments, you must provide up-to-date payment and tax information. Your balance will remain active on your account until payments are claimed.


Will you do marketing if I sign up under this plan?

Symphonic will not be able to pitch your material to DSPs under this plan. We do have marketing services available for fees that you can apply for. Additionally, we have a third-party playlist pitching service named Streaming Promotions that you can take advantage of, if approved.


Why is Symphonic doing this now?

For years, Symphonic has been a selective distributor, but we created 'Starter' because every artist deserves to benefit from the technology and reach that we provide. We've seen successful artists grow within our platform, such as Ozuna, Doechii, ALOK, and many more, and now we're to the point where we can offer our platform to artists beginning their careers and looking to start with the best technology and widest distribution reach in the industry.


What is the refund policy for Starter?

There are no refunds once you join 'Starter,' and if you cancel your account, you will have access to it until the term of one year expires, at which point your content will be taken down.


How do I cancel or manage my subscription?

You can cancel or manage your subscription at any time by selecting Account badge Manage Subscription. From there, you'll be able to stop the recurring payment for the following year(s). You will still maintain your account access up until your subscription ends.


How many labels can I have under my account?

Symphonic Starter accounts are currently only eligible to have one label per account.


Is there any type of content that cannot be submitted under a Starter account?

Yes, currently, we are unable to accept Classical genres from Starter accounts. 


What is Identity Verification?

Symphonic requires that you verify your identity by presenting a valid form of ID after you register and before you create your first release. If you do not pass, we will evaluate and may terminate and refund your account. Our verification is done by our technology provider, IDenfy.

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