Release Time

Many partners default to activating your release at midnight on your release day when it reaches that time on a per-territory basis. This is the standard model for releasing music. Within the SymphonicMS, we allow you to control the general release time for partners that support this feature, such as Spotify.

Release Time.png

For example, if you want your release to unlock at 2:00 PM for fans it will unlock at 2:00 PM at each territory's local time instead of the default 12:00 AM.


Synchronous Release Unlocking

When activated, your release will go live worldwide all at once. This will be the morning for some listeners, afternoon for others, and night for the rest. This is an advanced launch strategy for releases. We don't recommend this strategy unless you have very particular marketing/launch needs.

Synchronous Release Unlocking.png

With this feature activated you are centering the release around one territory's timezone as the launch epicenter, with the rest of the world getting access at scattered times throughout the day or even the next depending on where/when you align the launch.

We show a global preview window so that you can see how your release will launch in other major territories throughout the world.

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