Spotify Canvas

Spotify Canvas is a new feature that allows artists and labels to add a full screen, 3-8 second moving visual to each track. It replaces cover art and will loop in the Now Playing view of the Spotify app. They are currently testing this feature with a small, diverse group of artists and using their feedback to improve before they expand availability. In the meantime, they will be rolling out this feature to more artists and labels over time.

Take a peek below for some best practices, specifications, and limitations for Canvas

Best practices: 

  • Try excluding any song titles or artist names as this is already on the Now Playing view
  • Choose a video without talking, singing, or rapping
  • Avoid videos with intense flashing graphics

Specifications for uploading your canvas: 

  • Ratio- 9:16
  • Height- At least 720px
  • Length- 3-8 seconds
  • File format- MP4 or JPG only


  • Ensure that you have the correct permissions to use the Canvas on your tracks
  • The canvas should be free of hateful, abusive, pornographic, threatening, or obscene material
  • The Canvas cannot contain promotional content or drive traffic away from Spotify

For more information go to their website:

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