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This article focuses primarily on downloads. For streaming-related information, click here.

iTunes sells downloads at either $1.29 or $0.99. Beatport may sell at $1.99 or $2.49 in some instances. This does not mean you will receive the total retail selling price. DSPs will retain their cut based on agreements made with the distributor. Symphonic will pay you based on your percentage deal with us.

For instance, if iTunes sells at $1.29 and they may pay Symphonic $0.90, or at times lower, we give you exactly what we've received depending on your percentage. If you are on any percentage (100%, 85%, 75%, etc.), you keep that percentage of what is sent to us by iTunes and other DSPs. So if the track sells for $0.99, DSPs will send us $0.70, and the split is made from that $0.70.

An example is listed below; however, please note that this is only for USA-based sales. The net figure is different for other territories such as Great Britain because the GBP currency is then exchanged for dollars, and the currency being up or down vs. the dollar may impact the net earnings.

Sale Price: $0.99
iTunes collects: $0.29
Royalties sent to Symphonic: $0.70

What We Keep (Example at 20% of Revenue Deal):
We keep: $0.15
You get paid 80%: $0.55

This also applies to streams; however, streaming rates are not fixed rates or fixed by partners. Streaming sites keep a percentage, and then the same math is used for the royalty reports when they provide us with the streaming reports. In the end, you keep the largest portion of your earnings and we collect the smallest fee. More information on Streaming payouts here.

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