How much do I get paid from streaming?

First, this isn't an easy one to answer but rest assured that every stream deemed a successful one from the partner level is paid.

Every streaming provider pays differently, at different times, and with different rates. We have deals with all of the major streaming providers in the world and there isn't one defined pay per play amount because the structure for each is different.

YouTube for example pays differently based on the time of the year and how much advertiser revenue is being paid into YouTube + whatever interaction the user has with that ad while your content is playing so there is no defined pay rate that we can specify.

Streaming does not pay the same as downloads however, is the future of music consumption.

Spotify, Apple Music, and others operate in different territories and that means that the subscription amount in these territories will be different then that of the USA or the UK. In some instances, it will be lower based on the market they are operating in of which then means that your per play may be lower.

To complicate matters further, some services have a free ad based model and thus, those plays may pay lower than the premium subscribed plays.

In addition, if there are family plans, special promotions, or special relationships that these providers have with telecom, satellite, or tv providers, then that too means a different pay rate.

From a subscriber standpoint, if there is an increase in subscribers, that too will affect the pay amount per each and every play.

To conclude, we do not have a list readily available for each and every providers opportunity, territory, and/or relationship that results in X amount being paid each and every time. Some payments may be 0.00057 per song, and/or some may be higher or lower depending on the time of the day, year, partner, and deal that we have with them as well as other variables.

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