SoundCloud Go & Allowlisting Overview

What is SoundCloud Go (their streaming platform)

SoundCloud Go is a subscription-based service focused on SoundCloud listeners/consumers. It allows for offline streaming and the ability to remove ads while listening. This does not affect monetization; any play counts from SoundCloud Go consumers are still paid out for monetization.

However, please note that SoundCloud Go is not currently available in all countries.
Check the latest list of supported territories.


How do I get my music on SoundCloud Go?

To make your music available on SoundCloud Go, you need to upload it through an official delivery feed. This ensures proper integration with the platform and seamless access for Go subscribers. You can submit our sign-up form on your SymphonicMS dashboard under Rights ►SoundCloud Go.


What is allowlisting, and why is it important?

Think of your SoundCloud profile as a digital vault for your music. Allowlisting functions like a security clearance, restricting upload access to only authorized accounts you trust, such as collaborators, PR agencies, or affiliated companies. This prevents unauthorized uploads of your music and protects your copyrights.

Note: If you distribute your music through other platforms or distributors, ensure they also allowlist your SoundCloud profile. This extends your control and protection across multiple channels.


How do I allowlist my profile?

To Allowlist your SoundCloud Profile, go to Rights ►SoundCloud Allowlist on your SymphonicMS account. 

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