Tips for Using the Promo Mailer Effectively

Symphonic has teamed up with to offer you a promo mailer!

The promo mailer allows you to enter up to 500 emails free of charge and is a great way to get feedback on your music from your direct fan base.

Once you’ve created a promo, you can set the date of when it should be sent to your fan base and choose what they can do with it once they receive.

Here are some things to consider when using a promo mailer.

1. Be as selective as possible on your mailing list and only send to select individuals that you believe should receive the promo for their support purposes.

The promo mailer isn’t intended for you to send to many people unless your business model is to give out music as free as possible. Potentially mailing your promo mailer to 5,000 emails as well as emails of strangers will greatly decrease your sales and chances for positive streams.

In addition, mailing out to many emails or individuals you don’t know will increase the chances of the material being pirated or illegally shared online.

We also believe it is fair to ask individuals for permission to send them a promo rather than simply adding their emails. It will make you look bad if you are simply mailing promos to individuals that don’t care to receive them in the first place.

2. If scheduling multiple promos, space out the frequency of your promo deliveries.

We don’t recommend that you send out more than one promo a month as you need to give time for people to digest, provide feedback, and enjoy your music.

3.Use feedback properly.

In previous years, promo feedback was quite instrumental for features on stores and platforms however, with the over saturation of music, retailers and streaming providers often look beyond any sort of feedback and support from promo mailers. We recommend that if you are getting feedback from your mailing list users and are planning on using it, that you choose the most quality of the feedbacks that you receive.

4.Know that a promo mailer is not the only method of promotion.

We hope you understand that a promo mailer is not the only way you should be promoting your release. As mentioned, sending to too many people will likely prevent revenue growth in the sales and streaming side of things and much more needs to be done from your end to promote your music. Symphonic of course will work as hard as possible to promote your material but, a promo being mailed out to many individuals may do more harm than good and is not the only method you should consider when promoting material.

In conclusion....
Our goal will always be to continue to enhance our promo mailing capabilities to increase the growth of sales and streams of our clients and hope that these tips helped you to understand that using a promo mailer is great, but using it effectively is even greater for your results.

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