Lyrics Distribution (Apple/Musixmatch/LyricFind)

Symphonic has three methods and partnerships for Lyrics Distribution and submission. Apple Music, Musixmatch, and LyricFind. Below are brief overviews of each and how you can interact with them.

Apple Music

You have the ability to submit lyrics to Apple Music via the SymphonicMS. This is available at the track level when you are entering in your track details.  You will have to select "Yes" in order to enter in your lyrics.


It is important to follow the lyrics submission guidelines when doing so for them to be included.

Other partners may also receive these lyrics however, Apple Music is the main partner that ingests whenever any Lyrics are entered in this section.


Symphonic has partnered with Musixmatch as an additional option and this is an entirely free option for you to submit lyrics to.

Musixmatch is a self-serve platform (meaning that Symphonic will not deliver Lyrics on your behalf and where artists and fans can submit lyrics/synched lyrics for their songs). Once lyrics have gone through the Musixmatch review/approval process, those lyrics will then be available on multiple platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Amazon Alexa, and Tidal.

The link below will take you to the Musixmatch platform to claim your artist profile. Once you claim your artist profile on Musixmatch, you will have a “Curator” status. This means the lyrics you submit through your profile are more trusted, and the approval process will be expedited. The lyrics will be available on the platforms after being approved by Musixmatch. 

You will also need to create a Musixmatch account to tie your Artist Profile to. It's similar to how you need to have a Spotify account before claiming a Spotify for Artist account as an artist. It does not matter if you create your Musixmatch Account before or during the Artist Profile claiming process.

You can get verified by clicking on this link!


Our third option for Lyrics Distribution is our partnership with LyricFind. In order to submit to LyricFind and the many partners that they service, you must fill out this form to submit. For more information on LyricFind and their various partnerships and benefits, please click here!


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