Distribution to Pandora

Pandora has two aspects to its product, a "radio" station based focus and an "on-demand" version.

Their traditional radio version of the product is curated and their team of curators decides what to put on their stations. If you are searching for your artist's name and don't find it, it is because of this reason above. Unfortunately, your music won't always and automatically play when you search your name.

In terms of marketing, clients can submit marketing drivers via the SymphonicMS to get featured and/or to be considered for stations.  Pandora curators look for the following when considering a release for a feature or addition into their "Radio" station product.

-Compelling album cover art
-Established & sizable audience reach
-Press coverage

Royalties for Pandora were traditionally paid via Sound Exchange prior to Symphonic’s direct deal but are now being paid directly to Symphonic, for us to then pay to you for content submitted.

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