Making changes/edits to your release

Once a release has been approved and delivered to retailers, you may find that you need to make edits to it. Within the SymphonicMS, you're able to pull back a release into an editable state using the Edit Release button. This feature is perfect for bringing older releases up-to-date with newer highlights like contributors, updating territories, or fixing minor metadata mistakes. Editing your release does not take it down or remove it from DSPs. You must re-submit the release after your changes to allow our system to deliver the updates/edits to DSPs. 

For video distribution release date changes (and any other video changes) please contact the video department directly at

Follow these steps to edit your audio release:

  1. Navigate to Distribute ► Releases
  2. Find your Approved release and click on it 


  3. Select Edit Release Screenshot_2023-05-17_at_1.17.20_PM.png
  4. The release(s) will open in edit mode so that you can make your changes. Be sure to resubmit your release once you make your edits. Any unsubmitted edits will not be delivered to DSPs. 

In the event that you did not resubmit immediately after your changes, you can find your release again under the Edit status until you submit the release. 

Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 4.10.40 PM.png

Below is a list of edits that won't be able to be made using this feature: 

  • UPCs
  • ISRCs
  • Track re-ordering
  • Adding or removing tracks
  • Label name
  • Catalog Number
  • Removing partners from a release

If you're looking to remove a partner from a release, please reach out to our help desk for assistance. If you want to make any of the other listed changes, you will need to take down your release and re-submit a new one in the SymphonicMS. 

Follow the below steps for taking down your release:

  1. Navigate to Distribute ► Releases
  2. Find your Approved release and click on it
  3. Select the Take Down button

Requirements for replacement Releases:

  • A new catalog number will be required along with its metadata and audio files; as per normal guidelines for creating releases on the SymphonicMS. 
  • This release will need a new UPC code.
  • You can re-use the ISRC codes from your tracks on the previous release. 


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