Applying for Sync Licensing

Any Symphonic client can apply to be considered for representation by our in-house Sync Licensing division, Bodega Sync. Due to the competitive nature of sync licensing and the very specific creative needs of music supervisors, Bodega is highly selective, but anyone who wants to apply is encouraged to do so. 

Click Here to Apply for Sync Representation with Bodega Sync.

Preferred applicants: 

  •  Are active in their career, release new music regularly, and have a well-developed fanbase. 
  •  Make music that is accessible and relevant to mainstream popular culture.
  •  Are “One-Stop”, meaning they control 100% of their composition and master rights. 
  •  Have fully mastered instrumental and clean mixes of their songs (if applicable). 


Can I apply if I'm not a Symphonic Distribution client?

You can! Being a Symphonic client is not a prerequisite to apply. Symphonic clients do however have priority for features in Bodega’s weekly email blast Checkout, which promotes new releases to their large network of music supervisors and agencies. There are many benefits to having everyone working on the same team, so if you’re represented by Bodega we hope you’ll also consider distributing through Symphonic!

Can I apply if I'm not affiliated with a PRO?

Being affiliated with a Performing Rights Organization such as ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC is not a requirement but is strongly suggested. Any televised sync placements will generate performance revenues that will not be available to you if you do not affiliate with one of these organizations. You can click here to apply to our Publishing Administration service (partnered with Songtrust) which will help you get your music registered with a PRO of your choice. 

What is required is having a complete accounting of copyright ownership including any co-writers, copyrighted samples, record labels, or publishers who may have an ownership interest in your catalog. If you don’t control all the rights to your music that doesn’t disqualify you from working with Bodega, but they will need to evaluate the whole picture in order to make a decision as to whether you’re eligible. If you are unsure what rights you and your collaborating partners control we strongly encourage you to work that out before applying. 

How much it cost to be represented by Bodega Sync?

There are no upfront costs involved, Bodega works on a commission basis and only takes a percentage of sync licensing fees. This percentage is typically 30%, but terms and rates can vary from client to client depending on various factors. 

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