Pretzel (Twitch Monetization)

Symphonic is proud to announce a partnership with a DSP called Pretzel Rocks. Pretzel provides fully licensed music for live streamers on Twitch. As you may know, Twitch offers a fantastic opportunity to have your music heard by diverse audiences and potential fans worldwide. Twitch now has over 8.5 million unique broadcasters every month, attracting close to an average of 2 million concurrent viewers. Great content creators need great music, and Pretzel is happy to offer that solution for broadcasters while ensuring rightsholders are fairly compensated. Pretzel offers rightsholders marketing, exposure, click-throughs to DSPs like Spotify, and of course, royalties.

There's a two-stage process if you're interested in having your music heard on Twitch.

  1. The master recordings will be delivered to Pretzel by Symphonic
  2. Pretzel also requires composition rights to be cleared. They have provided a form for clearing your composition rights that can be accessed here. For your music to appear on the Pretzel DSP, Pretzel must clear the composition rights for the respective master recording.

It's important that rightsholders are compensated fairly whenever their music is heard on Twitch, and we're thrilled Pretzel has provided a viable solution!

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