How can I get my music pitched to Spotify, Apple, and others?

The most essential tool in helping Symphonic pitch your release to our DSP partners is through marketing drivers. If your deal with us includes Marketing, you can submit for "DSP Features & Playlist Pitching" via the SymphonicMS under the Marketing sub-menu. Marketing offerings are available for clients where pricing is % based.


Without these unique details, it’s almost impossible for our team to help your release stand out from the crowd. The more details that you can provide, the better chance you’ve got at getting noticed and featured. We’ve listed out a few examples of attractive spotlights below:

  • Music videos
  • Social media follower and engagement
  • Third-party Spotify playlists
  • Previous DSP playlist placement and features
  • Advertising to be run for this release
  • Premieres on media outlets and general press pick-ups
  • Radio campaigns or plays from direct DJ relationships and other DJ support
  • Tour dates and other POI – “shared stages with,” notable festival appearances, etc.
  • Charting, ie. Hype Machine, iTunes, Billboard, etc.
  • Brand and media partnerships
  • Other marketing campaigns – wildposting, print, etc.
  • Pre-save and pre-sale campaign data (iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, etc.)
  • Sync and other licensing information
  • Other artist development POIs – management, booking agent, TV/film appearances, etc.

If you have updates, you're welcome to send these to us by selecting "Update" on the marketing driver pitching form. It is essential that you and your team promote the release. We also recommend that you check out other best practices.

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