Spotify Discovery Mode


Discovery Mode is a Spotify marketing tool that helps your music get heard when audiences are most open to discovery. Artists and labels identify eligible songs that are a priority for them, and Spotify's system will add that signal to the algorithms that determine personalized listening sessions.

But it only works if fans love it too. When a listener isn’t engaging with a song, Spotify takes that as a sign that it’s not resonating and pulls back on recommending it to similar listeners. Discovery Mode is in early testing and is not available for all content. Symphonic works very closely with Spotify, and we will provide more insight about this and other features upon their official launch.

Check out more information about Discovery Mode here.

(This is a new program and there will be further plans to put more in front of you, the Symphonic client. We're currently in beta, trying out a few things but, we're being careful and ensuring that the results are properly managed before we put this out in front of everyone for review).

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