SplitShare Overview

This article details the features that you'll have in the SplitShare menu.

There are two pages created with the following sections:


Search box: Search by any contributor/payee and go directly to their page with more detail.Payee_filter.png

Pending invites: You can track all the invites you have sent, check the expiration date, and resend the invitation if needed.Pending_invites.png

Incomplete track warning: See all payees enrolled in SplitShare that are referenced on tracks and may need splits added.


Enrolled in SplitShare: See a list of contributors who are enrolled in SplitShare (have a payee account) and the number of splits they are set up to receive.


Not enrolled in SplitShare: The list of contributors who haven’t been invited to receive splits.



This page shows tracks with contributors and allows you to filter by one or more contributors who collaborated on a song.

Tracks_page.pngFrom this page, you can add, edit, or remove splits from any track listed by clicking on the arrow next to the status.


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