SplitShare FAQs

If my Label keeps 100%, does it matter if my track splits are Incomplete?

No. If a track is incomplete, all track earnings will be allocated to your account and not considered in any calculations for contributors


Are splits payments sent automatically to payees?

No. Payees will need to log into their account, submit their payment & tax details, and request payments.


Can Payees receive splits from multiple artists/contributors?

Yes. To link more than one artist to the same payee, simply invite the contributor to SplitShare using the same email address that you’ve used previously for the payee.


Do Payees have to meet minimum payment thresholds?

Yes. In order to request payment, the threshold should be met. 


How do tax forms work? 

As a client of Symphonic, you are responsible for collecting W9s, W8s, and any other tax-related documentation from your client. At the end of the year, Symphonic will send you a tax form (either a 1099-MISC or a 1042-S) for your account, but we will not send and administer these forms for your payees as it will be your responsibility to do so.


What happens after I click on enable SplitShare and enter an email address?

The Payee will receive an email invitation, which they will need to accept.  SplitShare transfers will not start until the Payee has successfully accepted the invitation, and will only transfer for future reporting periods. The set-up deadlines for splits are posted at the top of the SplitShare payees and SplitShare tracks page. 


If I turn on SplitShare today, will it transfer splits today?

No.  SplitShare does not transfer splits to payees for previous or current reporting periods.  SplitShare will begin auto-transferring when the next new monthly report is posted.


Can I change split percentages?

Yes.  Splits percentages can be changed at any time; however, the new percentages will not take effect or transfer shares for previous and current periods.  Updated percentages will be reflected in the next new monthly report. If you need to view historical royalty periods using current splits, please use the Simulated Backpay page. 


My artist doesn’t want to use SplitShare. Can I disable it?

Yes. To disable SplitShare, please navigate to the payee page and click “Disable.” Disabling SplitShare will not reverse any transfers of funds that the payee has already received to their account.


My Payee tried to accept the invite and received an error.

The most common causes for problems with accepting invites are:

  • The Payee’s invitation has expired.  Invites expire within 7 days.  If the invitation has expired, the Payor can re-send it from the SplitShare ► Payees page.
  • The Payee is trying to use an existing and deactivated account to receive the splits.  If this happens, the payee should contact us for assistance.


If I am currently recouping an Advance or Recoupable Marketing Budget (RMB), can I use SplitShare?

Currently, no. When your advance or RMB is fully recouped and paid back, then we can turn on the SplitShare functionality for you.


Do I need to pay out my writers? 

As a distributor, we don’t have any requirements as to what percentages are entered. Symphonic pays out artist/contributor royalties for the sound recording (audio) that is streamed or downloaded. From there, our clients are able to customize the percentages based on their professional agreements with their team.

The songwriter should be paid out via a PRO so typically songwriters are not included in the split.


Is there a limit to how many contributors can be added to a track?

No. You may add as many contributors to a track as you would like.

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