Accepting SplitShare royalties

If you’ve been enrolled in SplitShare by your label, you’ll automatically receive your share of your label’s royalties each month directly to your SymphonicMS account every month (NOTE: You should’ve received an email with an invitation to get started).

The royalties you receive are based on the revenue splits your label entered for you in their account. You can see details for these royalties, such as breakdowns by partner, territory, and tracks, by clicking into that period in your Royalty Summary page. Your label can change your split amount or disable your enrollment in SplitShare, at any time. If you have questions about your split amounts, please contact your label directly. Please note that if your payee invitation is not accepted prior to the payment period being posted, the payee will not be able to receive split payment nor will they receive data access until the following pay period. At that time, payees will only receive this information going forward and retroactive splits must be handled between the parties themselves.

To request payment for these royalties, please first fill out your Payment & Tax Details, and then submit a request using our Request Payment page.



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