How to Use SplitShare

Our SplitShare feature enables you to automatically transfer royalty shares, based on revenue splits entered in Artist Statements, to your artists and track participants within the SymphonicMS.

We also send relevant royalty details, so your artist/participant can have insights into their performance and create their own royalty reports.

How to Enable SplitShare

Click into an artist in Artist Statements.


On the artist’s page, click the Enable SplitShare button to open the enrollment form.


Enter the artist’s email address and select Enable.


An email with the instructions to get started will be sent. You will see a confirmation banner with information about the most recent invite. Please note that if your payee invitation is not accepted prior to the payment period being posted, the payee will not be able to receive split payment nor will they receive data access until the following pay period. At that time, payees will only receive this information going forward and retroactive splits must be handled between the parties themselves.


Once the SplitShare recipient completes their setup, you will see a linking banner in Artist Statements that denotes the account their royalties will be transferred to.


After enabling, their royalty share from any tracks with Completed Splits will be automatically transferred to them each month, starting with the period after SplitShare was enabled. For example, if SplitShare was enabled for an artist during MAR-21, they will start automatically receiving their share of the royalties in APR-21 and onward.

Note: Royalty splits for an artist need to be entered before the last payment request date for the current period in order to affect the following period’s royalties. 

You will not be able to enter any more expenses for an artist if they’re enrolled in SplitShare.

You can view the total amount paid to all of your artists who have autopay enabled in the SplitShare line of your royalty summary pages.

How to Disable SplitShare

If you need to disable SplitShare for an artist, please reach out to our team.

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