How to Use SplitShare

Our SplitShare tool allows you to automatically transfer a percentage of your royalties to a payee.

To enable this, you will need to complete the following 2 activities in any order:

  • Set revenue splits on the applicable tracks
  • Send an invitation

Payees will only see analytics and revenue on their account after splits are set. For each reporting month, there are deadlines for splits to be set and payee invites to be sent for royalties to be transferred to a payee’s Symphonic account. For additional details about estimated deadlines for payee splits and invites, please review the Monthly reporting and payment schedule article.

Set splits

View the Incomplete tracks warning shown on the Payee’s detail page.


A list of tracks will appear that includes that contributor. Click on one of the tracks listed to add splits.


Enter the percentage you want to add to each participant, making sure they sum up 100% and click Save.


The track with Splits will be listed in the Track Splits section on the Payee’s detail page.



Send an invitation

Navigate to SplitShare ► Payees.


Search for the contributor’s name in the payee search box, select it, and click on View.Screen_Shot_2022-02-10_at_3.48.52_PM.png

On the contributor’s Payee page, click the Invite button to open the enrollment form.


Enter the contributor’s email address and select Enable.


An email with the instructions to get started will be sent to the SplitShare recipient.


Once the SplitShare recipient completes their setup, you will see the account where their royalties will be transferred on the Payee’s detail page.


How to manage your Payees

How to disable SplitShare

If you need to disable SplitShare for an artist, please reach out to our team.


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