Adding custom contributor splits

You can add splits for any of your tracks’ contributors (e.g., Producers, Bandmates, Songwriters, etc.) using our SplitShare feature.

This article outlines how to add custom contributor splits to your account. You can add custom splits via the SplitShare Tracks or Payee page.

Option 1: Add from a track

To add a track, navigate to the SplitShare > Tracks page. Once there, you can:

  • Filter tracks based on artist.
  • Filter tracks based on split status.
  • Search for tracks by artist, track title, release title, UPC, or ISRC.


Once you’ve found the track you wish to edit, click on the row. This will open the Edit Splits pop-up. From the Edit Splits page, click the Add Participant button. This will open a new row to add a contributor.

If the contributor is already on your roster, then the contributor will appear in the drop-down once you type their name.


Alternatively, if the contributor is not on your roster, then you have the option to add them using the Add Participant option.


Once you’ve added the new participant, enter splits for each participant like you normally would. After entering and saving, the track will also show up on the Payee page of the contributor you just added.

Option 2: Add from Payee page

Navigate to the SplitShare > Payee page. Once there, enter the contributor that you wish to add to a track using the Payee box. Click View to open the Payee page for the relevant contributor.


Once on the relevant Payee page, click Add Track in the Track Splits card.


This will open the Add Track page that lists all tracks on your account, with their completion status. Click on the track you want to add the contributor on.


The contributor’s name will automatically be added to the Edit Splits page that opens.


Enter splits for each participant. After entering and saving, the track will show up on the contributor’s Payee page.

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