Facebook Premium Music Videos (PMV)

In addition to Vevo, TIDAL, and Apple Music, Facebook will be a delivery partner for all NEW video submissions. Unfortunately, back catalog deliveries are not an option at this time.

Will back catalog music videos be delivered?

Facebook PMV delivery is only for new music videos. Back catalog integration will be discussed in the future.

How to opt-in to Facebook PMVs on my artist profile?

  1. If you’re an Admin on an artist’s page, once the artist’s video has been delivered via Symphonic Distribution, you’ll receive the following communication from Facebook prompting you to opt-in:
    • An email sent to the email address associated with your Facebook account.
    • A pop-up banner on the artist’s Page.
    • A profile notification.
  2. Click on any of the prompts to be directed to the Music Videos section of the artist’s Page Settings. You can also navigate to this section directly.
  3. Once you land on the Music Videos section of the artist’s Page Settings, click the blue button titled “Add Music Videos to My Page” to opt-in.
  4. After clicking the “Add Music Videos to My Page” button, make sure you tick the box next to the “Automatically share all new music videos to your Page’s timeline” setting. Sharing an artist’s new music videos to their timeline can help people discover the artist’s videos in their News Feed and ultimately bring those viewers to their Page.


Will PMVs be monetized?

All PMVs delivered to Facebook will be monetized under your agreement with Symphonic.

Will PMVs be available in other countries?

Currently, full-length PMVs will only be available on Facebook in the US. Full-length PMVs will also be made available in the US on Facebook Messenger, Portal, and Oculus at a later date. Please note that full-length PMVs will not be available on Instagram and WhatsApp.

What if I already uploaded my music video separately to Facebook?

Your video will be separate and cannot be merged with the new Premium Music Video delivery. Thus, both versions will exist, and views and comments will not be merged.

Where can fans watch PMVs on Facebook?

There are several destinations across Facebook where users can discover, watch, share, and interact with your artists' music videos in the US:

      • The Videos tab on the artist's page.
      • The new music video destination on Facebook Watch.
      • Users will see music videos surface on their News Feed.
      • Users can share PMVs to their own profile or other surfaces like Groups.
      • PMVs will also be discoverable in Search.

Where will PMVs live if an artist doesn’t have a Facebook Page?

PMVs will only be published to one primary artist page. If a PMV has equal billing between two or more artists, the PMV will be published on the Page of the first artist listed.

What happens if an artist creates a Facebook Page after their PMVs have already been published to the Page created by Facebook?

Notify Symphonic about the new Page, and we'll make sure all PMVs are migrated over. View counts will remain, but comments, reactions, and shares will not be carried over.

If you have any further questions, feel free to submit a request under the video distribution category.

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