What are payment processing fees?

Our partner payment platform, Tipalti, charges a fee for each transaction. This is automatically deducted from the payout. Symphonic does not charge any additional fees for payments. You will be informed of the fees charged based on the payment method you select before proceeding to the next step.

If any of the circumstances below occur and a payment sent through Tipalti is rejected or taken under compliance review, a rejection or review fee may be charged to Symphonic by Tipalti. Should such a fee be charged, the related Symphonic user(s) account balance shall be debited by the full amount of any such fee(s):

  • A user provides incorrect or invalid payee details, including but not limited to SWIFT number, routing number, bank account number, PayPal account information, and/or check information.
  • A payee’s bank and/or PayPal rejects any payment(s) due to reasons specific to the payee’s geographic region.
  • A payee triggers an Anti Money Laundering (AML) and/or Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) review.
  • Any reason outside of the control of Symphonic.

Below you will find processing fees from our payment processor, Tipalti.

ACH (US only) USD $1.00
Check USD $3.00
eCheck (international) USD $5.00
eCheck (Local UK bank account only) USD $1.50
PayPal USD $1.00 +2% per $9,500 transaction
$2 max for US accounts
$21 max for non-US accounts
Wire Transfer (Non-US resident paid in non-USD) USD $20.00
Wire Transfer (Non-US resident paid in USD) USD $26.00
Wire Transfer (US resident) USD $15.00
Foreign Exchange Rate (Under $5k) 2.50%
Foreign Exchange Rate (Over $5k) 1.90%
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