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TikTok is an exciting new service that is gaining a lot of popularity (and controversy at times). For a full overview, you can click here. With services that are this popular and widely used, there are bound to be problems.

We've discovered that content from many record labels and artists is being uploaded by users without proper copyrights or metadata associated which could lead to a lot of missing royalties.  Symphonic delivers material for TikTok users to be able to use on their profiles legally and with credits to the original rightsholders however, the platform enables any user to take music and upload it to TikTok. With it being new, a lot of potential songs are not yet "claimed" and associated to the original rightsholder recording.

We wanted to do our best to solve this and have created a form that is available for distributed clients to send us information for us to communicate to TikTok directly.

If you are not a distributed client and are interested in ensuring your song is protected and monetized on TikTok, please apply via our website at www.symdistro.com and reference this article as well as provide notes and information that you have a song that is being used on TikTok without your authorization, so we may assist.

Note: There are certain criteria that need to be met in order to add the UGC to our official library and credit it. Mainly, the UGC sound must match the official audio 1:1. By that, we mean there can be no audio manipulation, additional sound effects, additional dialogue, etc present in the UGC sound that is not present in the official version. If any of that is present, TikTok won't be able to officially credit the track to us and subsequently, you.

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