Streaming fraud and fake streams

Symphonic and our digital service provider are committed to preventing streaming fraud. 

If you are suspected of illegally boosting your material on streaming providers for royalty gain, you can be setting yourself up for lost revenue, time, and expenses. In short, do not illegally boost or juice your material on DSPs.

Engaging in fraudulent streaming behavior, whether unintentionally or deliberately, carries significant repercussions. Your music will be removed from DSPs, and you won’t be able to re-deliver or re-distribute it. Additionally, revenue generated during the activity that was deemed fraudulent may be withheld by either the DSPs or your distributor. Symphonic may take more serious actions such as closing your account completely and/or restrict your ability to withdraw funds if we determine that you are participating in any fraudulent behavior. 

We encourage all of our clients to conduct proper research into any marketing services and be cautious of companies and services that promise or guarantee streams/plays, followers, and playlist placements. 

For more on this, we've prepared this helpful article which will further explain along with a video that dives deeper into the subject.



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