Downloads analytics (overview)

You can view your daily download data across your entire catalog, all in one place, with our Downloads analytics feature in SymphonicMS. Navigate to your download data by selecting  Analytics ► Downloads.

We currently show data for Amazon, Beatport, iTunes, and Traxsource.


  • The dashboard displays album and track downloads across your entire catalog, broken down by DSP, artist, release, track, and territory.
  • Ringtones and music video downloads are included in the track downloads metric.
  • Each section shows the top five entries by track downloads for that breakdown (e.g., the artist section shows the top 5 artists by track downloads). Select the "View All" button to see more data, if available.
  • You can change the date range you're looking at or filter for individual stores by using the date range selector and partner filters at the top of the page.
  • Using the relevant toggle, you can change the graph and map to show track or album downloads.

You may notice negative numbers under the album or track download metrics. These reflect when downloaded content is returned. Returned downloads are included in all aggregated metrics.




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