Downloads analytics overview

Our analytics platform will show you daily sales from various partners via the Downloads option under the Analytics menu.


Who reports on "Daily Sales Estimates"?

Beatport and iTunes are the only partners that report sales daily. Our system will scan the data provided by these partners at various times throughout the day due in part because every partner reports differently.

The Downloads are estimated sales and not the actual sales paid as they don't account for various fees and percentages. Our system does an estimation based on what's being reported to attempt to calculate a net that you'd receive.


Why aren't my daily sales accurate?

The daily sales aren't what you will be receiving because we receive actuals after a quarter or month concludes. The actuals is the exact amount paid to us from a partner after all of their fees and currency conversions have been done. So if you receive a sale on January 1st, it won't be paid until May 15th and the amount may differ because the retailer or streaming provider has taken out their cut/percentage as well as Symphonic. We supply the daily sales as a means for you to see how you are performing throughout a quarter, but the actual reporting you receive from us is the one to go by.


I know I have sales; why don't they show up?

Please know that not all partners report Daily Sales. Secondly, if you have definitive proof of sales occurring on a partner that does report daily sales and if these sales still do not show, we encourage you to create a request to ensure there isn't a bug or problem in displaying the daily sales. 


Why are these considered "estimates"?

The reports are considered estimates because between the day they are reported to the day they are paid; several things may change. For foreign transactions outside of the USA, currency exchanges may affect the ultimate net payout received by us and then you. Further, some estimates don't account for any fraudulent transactions or returns. It is important to look at the daily sales with a thought process that it is not the final number you will receive but rather something to consider viewing in real-time.


I had sales last week on the Daily Sales, and now they are gone?

When a quarter ends, if you still want to view that quarter, please select Previous Quarter. Your Daily Sales screen will default and change at the beginning of every new quarter. The quarter schedule is below.

Jan 1 - Mar 31 - Q1
Apr 1 - Jun 30 - Q2
Jul 1 - Sept 30 - Q3
Oct 1 - Dec 31 - Q4


How often are download sales reported?

We receive reports daily and transcode these down to your login. At times, however, there may be delays from the partner that reports. Our system will continue to fetch and request the daily sales reports to ensure that we report as quickly as possible.


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